Start of the 2012 season

It’s nearly April, and the new BCGS golfing season is almost upon us.

The season will start on Monday 16th April 2012. Please meet at 5 o’clock at the first tee, as usual.

The renovations at Farleigh are well underway and Martin thinks that the front 9 may be open for when we start.

We’re not planning to have a pre-season meeting before the golf gets underway, but instead will have our meeting after the first round. One of the decisions to be taken by everyone this year will be on which of the courses we will play our rounds.

See you all soon!


This article was written by: Paul Kerr

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    • john bryant says:


      Hope you don’t mind me having alook at your site, i am just getting ideas for improving ours

      • Paul Kerr says:

        Of course not – look away. The site was created for us by Claire Kerr of Kerrmunications (who also happens to be my wife!) It’s created in WordPress and is customised from a template which is available to buy for about $35 from Themeforest. On top of that (and her time), we just had to pay for some icons and some images, which cost a few pounds each from various stock photography companies.

        There’s a bit more work to do – some of the previous years’ scores aren’t updated as yet, but we’ve only just launched it, so we’ll be adding to it as we go along. I can log in and update all the scores every week and we hope to get everyone involved in blogging or in adding photos.