The season is underway

We had our usual pre-season meeting last Monday (16th April) and made a number of decisions for this year:

- Mike Wood has been voted to be this year’s Vice Captain, so will be next year’s Captain
- The Captain for this year is Steve Martin

- We will play the Champion’s Shield on the “yellow course”, which is the old front nine
- Subs will be £30 a year, plus £2 a week. This is an increase from last year’s cost of #1, which we’ve had to make because we made a loss last year
- The End of Year fixture was arranged and is set to coincide with the Ryder Cup – more info here

Fast forward a week to 23rd April and the first round of golf. It was a cold, wet, dark and windy day. Added to the weather conditions, the course is harder than last year, so this meant that half of the Society wimped out (myself included!) The more hardy members ploughed on, however, and were thoroughly beaten up by the course – the best score was 11, from Garnet Lewis.  Ironic that, bearing in mind it was St George’s Day – this time the (Welsh) dragon won!

Reports are that the course is, as thought, a lot harder – and will be a lot of fun in the wind!


Photograph courtesy of Per Pettersson.

This article was written by: Paul Kerr